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Cry of Fear Certificate: M Horror. The Phantom Creeps Action Horror Sci-Fi. Edit Cast Credited cast: Jason Propst David Peterson Kaylin Iannone Nicole Peterson age 12 Jennifer Teska Nicole Peterson age 24 Michael Chartier Hans Ryker Jeff Caplan Reverend Troughton Alex Gonzalez Melissa Angelique Bouffiou President Matheson Laura Herr Councillor Balaski Carlee Iannone Nicole Peterson age 8 Edward X.

Cooper Joe Parascand Sergeant Benton Genoveva Rossi Beach Zombie 6 Dave Arellano Fence Zombie 2 Mandy Batdorf Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

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Just Visiting Commentary. Our first for this is 's Just Visiting. He seems to get along fine without it, though he did feel relieved to get it back during a Crisis Crossover — only to have to lose it in order to set things right. The kind of silver lining for Sebastian is that the demon Nebiros screwed over Felix by granting Sebastian the power instead.

Great Ghouls and the Soulless

As his Meaningful Name would suggest, Felix has a bad habit of making Deals With the Devil that leave him worse off in the long run. In Blackest Night , it turns out that Nekron doesn't have a soul, which makes him conveniently immune to the Spectre 's power. It works until he is forcibly given the soul of a good and just person. In Secret Six , Ragdoll was born without a soul, something highly valued in Hell; only a handful of beings since the beginning of time have been born like that.

Like Sebastian Faust, being soulless doesn't seem to have had any impact - Ragdoll is the comparative 'white sheep' of a family of utter monsters. Layla Miller of X-Factor has recently demonstrated the ability to bring people back to life, in addition to Knowing Stuff. The only problem is they come back sans their soul, resulting in them feeling next to no joy from anything, and being a little bitter.

Green Arrow was resurrected without a soul, as well as any memories of his past during his Darker and Edgier years. He seemed to get along fine without it the lack of memories made him cheerier, if anything , but his lack of a soul made him very vulnerable to Demonic Possession , which would be a very bad thing for the whole world. He eventually convinced his soul still in Heaven at the time to come back to his body. Mephisto 's son Blackheart was created without a soul, a trait carried over into the movie. In The Killing Dream , the first arc of X 's solo series, a demon possessing the body of Wolverine attempts to convince Laura that as a clone and especially because of all the horrific things she's done in her life she has no soul in an effort to convince her to serve him.

During her resulting Battle in the Center of the Mind , Laura is approached by a vision of herself, who shows her that Laura wasn't created as an emotionless killing machine, but that it was the conscious effort of Zander Rice, Kimura, and the rest of the project that broke her. Her other self reveals she is the remnant of Laura's humanity that survived the process, which gives her the power to defeat the demon, freeing herself and saving Hellion's life.

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Despite this, Laura is left in doubt over how much of what the demon said was true and whether or not she possess a soul. When Miss Sinister attempts to steal her body, Laura openly questions her on this point, though Sinister is unable to offer an answer and instead admits she has given the idea of whether or not clones have a soul little thought. Laura later asks Blackheart, another demon , whether or not she has a soul, figuring that someone who tortured souls as a hobby would be able to tell.

Blackheart mockingly assures her that she has a soul since he wouldn't be able to make her suffer if she didn't have one. Raleigh from Lost at Sea thinks she is this. She isn't. In Infinity, Inc. This did not prevent him from being a dedicated hero and loving husband, but eventually enabled an evil entity to possess his body.

Since he existed as a spirit for a while and was eventually reincarnated, it's not actually clear what being "born without a soul" even means in this case. After Morbius is killed by Blade , he is accidentally resurrected as an undead, soulless being.

Chicken Soup for the Soulless

He is later brought back to proper life, but is never shown to actually get back his soul. Subverted in that it doesn't really seem to change him at all; he mentions his emotions are numbed somewhat but he is portrayed the way he always was: as a deeply flawed but fundamentally good person and caring doctor.

The fact that he's soulless hasn't been mentioned in years and most writers even seem to have forgotten entirely. Caballistics, Inc. This makes it possible for him to sneak up on Michael Magister, whose psychic sensors only work on beings with souls. Comic Strips. We've yet to see a soulless individual on-panel in Candorville , but apparently it's common practice for at least one secret faction to feed children's souls to monsters — the resultant shells are still capable of following orders, and can easily be trained as assassins.

Eastern Animation. Detective Shadow from a Korean animated movie named Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox used to be human, but he lost a soul — presumably to someone of Yobi's kind. Now all he cares about is stealing a soul from any human available, which turns out to be his sole motivation. In Pony POV Series : Shadows of Existence are technically half a pony's soul, the part that represents their lives and physical existence.

When a pony is erased, this is what remains behind, and can continue to think and acts, but lacks the ability to feel anything, as they no longer have the original soul or Light of Existence which returns to Fauna Luster to reincarnate. They basically act like crueler, heartless versions of their original selves, able to imitate emotions but not feel them. They're very desperate to get a new Light, which they can only obtain by performing a Fusion Dance with a pony who already exists While able to create more than her siblings, the power to create is not something they can do. As a result, when accidentally released into the mortal world, he tries to remedy this by consuming the Lights of others.

The Second Try : In chapter 9 Rei explains that her clones are mere vessels to hold her soul, and since they have no soul, they feel the world around them but they are not aware of it and they can not comprehend it. They do not live; they merely exist. Rei : These are not human beings. Their official purpose is to serve as core for the Dummy Plug system, but even that is only secondary.

As Dr Akagi explained, they are mere vessels to hold my soul.

The Soulless Party

That was the only reason they were created for, just like the body I possess now and the ones before. Without a soul, they can not become aware of their feelings. They notice the feel of the warm LCL around them, of this glass holding them; they can see us, the world outside of theirs. All they are doing is existing, blissfully unaware of everything. They cannot understand the difference between pain and joy.

The Soulless Beast in Synthesis

They do not know the vast variety of human emotions. They do not feel hope or fear for the future. I always wondered whether to pity or to envy them. Films — Animation. The Fabrication Machine in 9 was, according to its creator, flawed because it didn't have a soul. When it's reactivated, it promptly tries to fix itself. Films — Live-Action. The premise of Cold Souls is that people can put their souls into storage to be freed from the burden of having a soul, or can even get a soul transplant.

When Paul Giamatti first has his soul stored, he feels light and happy but turns into an insouciant Jerkass who can no longer act. The horror movie Chiller was about a man who is reawakened from cold suspended animation , but Came Back Wrong , and started engaging in evil behavior, including rape. A priest states that this is because he's technically "dead" and his soul is now gone.


Liu Kang: All those souls and you still don't have one of your own.