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However, the impostor syndrome lingered. Now, more than ever before, I felt like I had to prove to my peers at school that my SWE internship offer was legitimate — that I had earned it because of my abilities, not because of my gender. I had to prove to the world that I was truly qualified for the role I had been offered.

Moreover, I had to prove to myself that I was enough. I accepted my return offer with the determination to prove others wrong. In May of this year, I started my second internship at Facebook.

I would work on the Instagram Growth team as an iOS intern, which was daunting because, for the second summer in a row, I was working on something completely foreign to me. During the weeks leading up to my internship, I worried that my decision to pursue an iOS role in the company was a mistake. The imposter syndrome crept back in, and it was paralyzing. First, a quick summary of my work, and then the lessons I learned. In Direct, I introduced two different user experiences: 1 adding an invite card to the end of the existing collection of activators, and 2 converting all the cards into rows to increase visibility of each of the calls to action:.

However, apologies fall flat when you keep repeating the same mistakes. Stop apologizing and start acting on feedback instead.

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As I was building the invite unit to show to Instagram users in various empty state surfaces across the app, I encountered numerous challenges. My code quality was far from perfect, and my code reviewers often pointed out different areas where I could improve. The best way to thank your peers for their time and patience is by showing them your progress. During my first few weeks, the thought of asking another engineer for help terrified me.

I was so obsessed over the idea that everyone would be too busy to entertain me that I found myself writing, deleting, and rewriting messages to my manager when I needed help. I wasted so many hours of my life drafting these messages only to never send them out. Ultimately, I was so fixated on my own perception of myself that I never even considered how other engineers truly saw me. Never did they give off the impression that I was a nuisance to them or interfering with their everyday work.

In fact, they welcomed these opportunities to understand my project and get to know me as a coworker. From that day forward, I stopped drafting and redrafting my messages to my peers and manager. Instead, I just hit send fearlessly because I realized my time was just as valuable as theirs. Listening is the most important part. As humans, we often prepare ourselves to respond while others are still speaking. Not every conversation is a battle, and not every one of your solutions is the most optimal.

So yes, ask your questions, but listen to those answers too. Continue on to the bustling seaport of Bordeaux with its unique 18th century character. Join a Local Expert for a guided tour of France's best 18th century architecture. In small groups, wander through the Old Town for a progressive dinner, as you enjoy the gastronomic Basque tradition of pintxos. Similar to tapas, enjoy a variety of snack-sized treats to make your meal and be sure to try some of the local Txakoli wine.

Drive south through the Pyrenees foothills. In the evening why not see the city lit up in it all its glory, with a drive along the grand avenues and past the spectacular fountains? Join your Local Expert for a sightseeing tour of the Old Town as well as, along the elegant Paseo de la Castellana and past the fountain in the Plaza de Cibeles. A short journey will take you to Toledo, an ancient walled city, once the capital of Spain and beautifully set upon a hilltop, bordered by the Tagus River.

Upon your return to Madrid, the evening is free to relax at a cafe or shop in the trendy boutiques. Cross the Castilian plain, past Zaragoza, and continue to the vibrant port of Barcelona. In the evening, why not try delicious local Catalan cuisine and as night descends, view the city from the heights of Montjuic, with lights sparkling below from the mountains to sea. Join your Local Expert to explore the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

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See the cathedral and walk through the Roman gate to tour the narrow lanes and old squares. At a local farm learn about olive oil and enjoy a tasting of the freshest produce. Walk within the medieval narrow streets of the Old Town to stand in the shadow of the old Palais des Papes, resembling a fortress. Journey along the French Riviera to the elegant resort of Nice, where the rest of the day is at your leisure to stroll along the fabled Promenade des Anglais or relax on the beach. Travel to Monaco where you are driven along part of the Grand Prix circuit, before walking with your Travel Director through the old town.

See the Royal Palace where the Grimaldi family live, the yacht-filled harbour and visit the cathedral, housing the tombs of the late Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. Cross into Italy and follow the arc of the Italian Riviera before arriving in Pisa. In the Square of Miracles, stop to see the incredible Leaning Tower of Pisa with a Local Expert, from which Galileo is said to have conducted experiments on velocity and gravity.

Also see the splendid 11th century cathedral and baptistery, decorated with mosaics and designs in solid marble. A short drive through the rolling Tuscan Hills brings you to your hotel in Tuscany. Journey to Florence for sightseeing with your Local Expert to view the multi-coloured marble cathedral, bell tower and baptistery, adorned by Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise. You also visit the open-air gallery of Renaissance masterpieces in Piazza della Signoria, the political heart of the city.

See the area around Santa Croce Basilica - famous for the quality of its luxury goods. Relax and enjoy the grand landscapes of the Chianti hills and Umbria, before passing the Apennine Mountains to arrive at the Eternal City, filled with classic antiquities, medieval buildings, Renaissance palaces and Baroque churches. In the evening, what better way to toast the culmination of your Mediterranean Journey, than with delicious Italian cuisine and wine.

A Local Expert introduces the grandeur of the city, starting with the Vatican State, the richest community on the world.

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Visit the Vatican Museums, full of priceless treasures collected by the Popes. Insight provides special VIP, fast-tracked entry to avoid the crowds, together with behind-the-scenes access to the Bramante Staircase - a marvel of Renaissance architecture normally off-limits to the general public. Once inside the Sistine Chapel, admire Michelangelo's famous ceiling. Next door, visit St. The rest of the day is yours to shop in the trendy boutiques or relax at a sidewalk cafe. Perhaps join an Optional Experience to visit the Colosseum, the scene of many gladiatorial contests, and see the Roman Forum?

The day is yours to enjoy Rome at your own pace. Perhaps take an optional experience to the ill-fated town of Pompeii, frozen in time when it was engulfed by an eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Alternatively, spend some time in the boutiques of the Via del Corso, the Via Nazionale or the elegant designer stores near the Spanish Steps?

As night falls, why not sip on prosecco at a sidewalk cafe in Piazza Navona - the Living Room of Rome - and enjoy life's pageantry pass by? You journey comes to an end after breakfast. Departure transfers arrive at Rome's Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport at approximately and Most Insight trips already include a host of bonus highlights and comprehensive sightseeing.

There may also be an exciting array of Optional Experiences which will turn an already amazing experience into the trip of a lifetime! Please note, many Optional Experiences are operated by independent third party suppliers, not Insight Vacations. Prices and availability of Optional Experiences are subject to change. Enjoy dinner and cabaret, including wine and champagne, at the world-famous Moulin Rouge — the original Paris Cabaret.

Immortalized by the award-winning film of the same name, this Parisian institution features 60 dancers and entertainers and over costumes! The City of Light really lives up to its name when the monuments, buildings and bridges are lit up in all their glory. You will then experience unparalleled Parisian entertainment — including the world-famous Can-Can. The highest rooftop terrace in Paris offers a breathtaking degree view with all of Paris at your feet! Then, with our Local Expert, explore some hidden gems on the Rive Droite of the city, taking in a delightful stroll across the iconic River Seine to see Notre Dame Cathedral.

Drinks such as regional wine, beer and soft drinks are included with your meal and will be accompanied by a local 'Tuna de Madrid' playing all your favourite Spanish songs on traditional instruments. The Royal Palace of Madrid is Spain's most sumptuous and impressive royal residence, jam packed with the riches and glory of Spanish history.

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Join a local historian to explore the extensive collection of armoury, porcelain, tapestries, gilt mirrors, works of art and period furniture. Highlights include the gold and scarlet Throne Room and magnificent State Apartments. A rare and enlightening look into the history and lifestyle of the Spanish monarchy. After a delightful dinner in a traditional Catalan restaurant, take a sparkling illuminations drive up the hill of Montjuic for spectacular panoramic views over the city and harbour twinkling below.

The food of the Catalan region is quite different from the rest of Spain. Ascend the sacred mountain of Montserrat, Catalonia's most important pilgrimage site for a thousand years. The 'Corniches' are three stunning serpentine roads linking Monaco to Nice, 'where the mountains meet the sea'. The Grande Corniche is perhaps the most spectacular, first constructed as part of the ancient Roman Aurelian Way and rebuilt by Napoleon in You may recognise its sweeping vistas, pink sunsets and medieval towns from such famous films as Hitchcock's 'To Catch a Thief'.

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A wonderful excursion to Tuscany's most famous hill-top town! Visit San Gimignano, considered a medieval Manhattan, due to its towers which dominate the skyline. Soak up the unique atmosphere of this ancient gem which has remained intact since the 14th century and today is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A fabulous dinner of Tuscan specialities awaits you. We drive into the hills surrounding Florence for a delicious typical Florentine meal complete with Chianti wine, music and lots of fun! An evening to remember. Viva Italia! Join your Travel Director for a classic journey through one of the most fascinating cities in the world.