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The way we receive, perceive and process aromas starts with our olfactory receptor neurons in the nasal cavities that receive stimulus and transmit them to our lower brain for processing. The lower brain then interfaces with higher brain functioning areas to translate these signals to sensations of pleasure, memory, romance, and so on. The number of aromatic compounds that commonly stimulate our senses is quite vast, but those that we associate with roses are predominantly Cis-rose oxide compounds that are found in some grape varieties, lychee fruit and, of course, roses.

Citronellol, linalool and d-limonene compounds may also be interpreted as rose scents.

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The noble Italian red wine varieties Sangiovese and Nebbiolo often exhibit elegant, rose-like floral aromas. You may also experience subtle perfumes of rose in young Gamay and Pinot Noir reds from Burgundy and elsewhere. This is a funny grape with a funny name.

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The name is German, the best examples come from Alsace, France, and the grape most likely originated in northern Italy. The ancient Traminer variety is believed to have been first cultivated around the small town of Termeno in the northern Italian region of Alto Adige.

The German name of Termeno is Tramin and hence the grape gained its name of Traminer about a millennium ago. Unlike its green-skinned genetic father, the Gewurztraminer grape has a spotty, dark pink skin.

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Despite showing great potential, the new grape was not widely adapted until relatively recently. Part of the problem was a confusing plethora of different names, including traminer musque, traminer parfume and traminer aromatique in France, traminer rosso and traminer aromatic in Italy, and roter traminer in Germany. The vines bud very early, making them vulnerable to frosts, while ideal harvest dates are quite late.

Smelling like a Rose

So why would anyone cultivate this troublesome grape? The best Gewurztraminer wines are unquestionably from southern Alsace where styles range from bone dry to extremely sweet. The dry wines as typified by the producer Trimbach are golden colored wines with powerful rose and spice aromas and concentrated lychee and tropical fruit flavors, with generous spicy sensations developing in a long complex finish. With U.

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North Korea claims to have suc Taro Kono and commander of U. Defense Minister Taro Kono agreed with the commander of U. Kono and Lt. Rose is an incredible ingredients that is often misunderstood. An impactful floral mid note. Rose is prevalent all across the world, in all shapes and sizes, not to mention the variety of smells and colours.

However, the excessive cross breeding of roses to create a rainbow of colours, has unfortunately led to hybrid roses losing their scent.

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Rose extracts used in perfumery mainly come from two species: Damascena and Centifolia. Roses comes in two types of extracts in perfumery: as an essential oil or absolute deeper and sweeter than its oil counterpart. Rose extracts contains hundreds of molecules, which explains why its scent is so rich and multi-facetted. Rose perfumery extracts have citrusy lemongrass notes, green, fruity peach, plum, wine , spicy clove , amber and sweet facets all in one single scent!

A natural molecule found within rose with a metalic scent. Beware of the natural indole component present in most flowers that can make a rose oil smell slightly rotten…!

These molecules bring such excitement to the world of perfumery! Not only this, but it means you can create an endless variety of rose scents not found in the flowers themselves! The left over rose water from the steaming process is commonly used in desserts but can also be found in some perfumes, to give a lighter fragrance. The pure oil of rose is the most expensive of the rose oils used in perfumery. Rose absolute will give you the most full bodied rose profile of all the varieties as it is rose in purest form. And it most certainly is! The well known molecules found within geranium oil are citronellol, nerol, geraniol and linalool — you can see why it can be easily confused with rose!